Microsoft Azure RTOS integrates micro-ROS

Sep 8, 2021 Maria Merlan

The micro-ROS framework has been fully integrated in Azure RTOS embedded development suite. This port (github repo) was done using a STMicroelectronics B-L475E-IOT01A.

This achievement brings the following benefits:

  • To seamlessly integrate ROS 2 compatible nodes in Azure RTOS supported hardware.
  • To have a full featured API with all ROS 2 concepts (such as publishers, subscribers, services or executors) in the far edge of the robotic application and integrated in the Azure RTOS build system.
  • To integrate micro-ROS and ROS 2 applications taking advantage of the complete set of functionality of ThreadX kernel and the whole Azure RTOS ecosystem.
  • To implement custom communication mechanisms between embedded platforms and ROS 2 using Azure RTOS APIs.

Check this video on “Getting started with micro-ROS and Azure RTOS using STMicroelectronics B-L475E-IOT01A” to get the insights and reproduce the integration of micro-ROS in any Azure RTOS supported HW.

Azure RTOS, developed by Microsoft in C, is an embedded development suite including an operating system that provides reliable, ultra-fast performance for resource-constrained devices. Azure RTOS supports the most popular 32-bit microcontrollers and embedded development tools.

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