Micro-ROS at ROS World Workshop on Execution Management

Oct 19, 2021

At this year’s ROS World (i.e. the online version of ROSCon), micro-ROS was not only present at the main conference, but also in the workshop ‘ROS 2 Executor: How to make it efficient, real-time and deterministic?’. Jan Staschulat from the micro-ROS team presented the rclc Executor developed for micro-ROS. He explained typical execution patterns on microcontrollers and key concepts of the rclc Executor such as the trigger conditions. Jan also presented results from the application of the rclc Executor in the Reference System, a test/benchmarking system for ROS Executors developed for this workshop.

Jan’s slides can be downloaded here. All information and the videos and slides of the other talks of the workshop can be found at www.apex.ai/roscon-21.

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