Vulcanexus includes micro-ROS

Aug 3, 2022 Pablo Garrido

micro-ROS is proud to be part of Vulcanexus, an open source software stack based on ROS 2.

The core is based on ROS 2 with all its benefits and features, and Fast DDS, the fixed middleware implementation that ensures stable communication. Together with a variety of integrated components, users can benefit from this All-in-One ROS 2 tool set and find solutions for data monitoring, robotic simulation, and deployment of DDS entities in the cloud, and microcontrollers. The latter is made possible by the native integration of micro-ROS.

Thanks to this exclusive set of elements, Vulcanexus makes robotic application development easy and personalized. Furthermore, users will benefit from the latest features of all the components as Vulcanexus is updated continuously.

This 360º solution is free and can be downloaded comfortably as a Docker image from

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