micro-ROS at PX4 Development Summit 2021

Sep 20, 2021 Maria Merlan

The PX4 Development Summit, is an annual drone development conference hosted by te Dronecode Fondation for the PX4 Autopilot drone development community.

This year it consists of a 2-day event in which professionals form all over the world exchange technological insights of the drone sector (14th & 15th of September).

On September 15th, at 11.05am PDT, eProsima Embedded Software Engineer Pablo Garrido, and Nuno Marques, Software Engineer, Systems Integrator and founder of dronesolutions.io, presented “ROS2 and PX4: Technical Details of a Seamless Transition to XRCE-DDS and Micro-ROS”.

The talk covered the basic concepts around the micro-RTPS bridge used to integrate PX4 into the DDS world, and the proposal of using Micro XRCE-DDS and later micro-ROS, focusing on the core concepts and technical details behind the migration. It was followed by a Questions & Answers section.

Check the full video about ROS 2 in PX4.

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