Sep 30, 2018

ROSCon (https://roscon.ros.org) is the most important event of the ROS community. ROSCon has grown remarkably in the last years. In 2018, the conference was sold out already during the early registration phase. 500 developers and researchs from all over the globe attended ROSCon 2018 in Madrid. More than 1000 watched the live stream.

Several people from the micro-ROS team attended the conference and delivered talks and demonstrations. In sum, three talks related to micro-ROS were provided:

Iñigo Muguruza Goenaga (Erle Robotics), Juan Flores Muñoz (Erle Robotics), Víctor Mayoral Vilches (Erle Robotics), Loïc Dauphin (INRIA), Emmanuel Baccelli (INRIA), Cedric Adjih (INRIA): Towards ROS 2 microcontroller meta cross-compilation

Slides: roscon.ros.org/2018/presentations/ROSCon2018_Towards_ROS2_uC_meta_crosscompilation.pdf

Ralph Lange (Bosch): Mixed Real-Time Criticality with ROS 2 - the Callback-group-level Executor (lightning talk)

Slides: roscon.ros.org/2018/presentations/ROSCon2018_Lightning1_4.pdf

Irati Zamalloa (Erle Robotics): HRIM - The Hardware Robot Information Model (lightning talk)

Slides: roscon.ros.org/2018/presentations/ROSCon2018_Lightning1_13.pdf

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