micro-ROS is now Associate Member of the Zephyr Project

Oct 1, 2020

micro-ROS is now an Associate Partner of the Zephyr Project!


Zephyr is a scalable open source Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) designed to fit resource constrained and embedded systems, with safety and security in mind. It forms part of the Linux Foundation, which supports a wide range of open source projects. Zephyr targets the same range of systems and applications with deterministic and time-critical constraints as micro-ROS, such as connected sensors and actuators, microcontrollers and small IoT devices of all kinds. micro-ROS and Zephyr complement each other by allowing to easily create heterogeneous distributed robotic systems and also integrate these devices seamlessly into the ROS 2 ecosystem.

For additional information and the official press release by the Zephyr Project, follow this link.

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