Roadmap for ROS 2 Galactic

Nov 30, 2020

After reviewing our most recent accomplishments and dusting off our To-Do list, we drafted the roadmap for the next months of development and designed an exciting plan for the ROS 2 Galactic release.

Our priorities will be:

  • Migrating all functionalities to the rclc, so as to convert it into the default micro-ROS user API and an independent abstraction layer on top of the rcl. Namely, the missing features to achieve this goal are:
    • Implement parameters in rclc, together with a dedicated parameters manager in the Agent.
    • Migrate actions to the rclc, as we recently did with services.
    • Migrate graphs to the rclc, based on their recent implementation both in the rmw and in the Agent.
  • Adapt micro-ROS packages and CI to the rolling release before Galactic is out.
  • Implement and polish a mature peer-to-peer functionality to achieve brokerless communication among Clients.

Additional improvements: continue to improve the stability and extend the capability of the middleware layer, evaluating which efforts are worthy to be addressed (e.g. implement multi-threading).

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