micro-ROS Multithreading support

Jul 7, 2021 Maria Merlan

micro-ROS Foxy, Galactic and Rolling provides a new enhancement, the multithreading feature.

Multithreading allows the micro-ROS default middleware (Micro XRCE-DDS) to be thread safe. This way, micro-ROS nodes can run ROS 2 entities such as publishers, subscribers or services in different RTOS execution threads. As a result, micro-ROS will run in a multi threaded approach under specific circumstances, improving the performance, the usability and resource optimization.

The multithreading mechanism together with shared memory transport contribute to provide a highly flexible environment for deploying micro-ROS nodes with isolated functionality in different RTOS tasks or threads. As always, in a build-time configured way with no usage of dynamic memory.

→ To activate this new feature, just enable the Multithreading flag in your middleware configuration using your colcon.meta file.

These features are supported in Micro XRCE-DDS, the micro-ROS middleware implementation.

See the associated PRs in the Micro XRCE-DDS library (General, Client, Agent) and in micro-ROS’ Client RMW and Agent.

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