micro-ROS and Micro XRCE-DDS as Fiware enablers

Jun 17, 2020

On June 17th, eProsima held a webinar hosted by the Fiware Foundation, within the framework of a series of free webinars offered by Fiware about open source platform components for Smart Solutions.

Both, eProsima and the Fiware Foundation, are members of the EU project OFERA, which gave birth and actually maintains the micro-ROS project.

Jaime Martin, CEO at eProsima, presented “The Use of DDS Middleware in Robotics”, by giving an introduction about Fast DDS - the most complete open source DDS Middleware for ROS 2. Francesca Finocchiaro, Project Manager at eProsima, presented Micro XRCE-DDS - the lightweight DDS middleware for microcontrollers that is at the basis of micro-ROS, in addition to an introduction to the micro-ROS architecture and its usage in the context of robotics applications for resource-constrained environments.

Find the recording of the presentation below:

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