micro-ROS at ROS Developers Day

Jun 27, 2020

eProsima has sponsored this year’s ROS Developers Day 2020 on June 27th, a yearly appointment that gathers the ROS community around topics of broad interest for ROS developers of all levels.

The third edition of this virtual event, hosted by The Construct, offers hands-on presentations about the ROS development with coding examples and various simulations. Speakers from Open Robotics, Wind River, Pal Robotics, the university lecturer Francisco Martin Rico and also eProsima Software Engineers, among others, shared their knowledge of the ROS/ROS 2 world.

This year’s agenda included two lectures from eProsima, one regarding Server-Client Discovery in Fast DDS as an alternative node discovery mechanism for ROS 2, and the other about micro-ROS. The latter was given by the eProsima software engineer Pablo Garrido Sánchez, who shown with a very practical hands-on tutorial how to run micro-ROS on the Zephyr Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

Please find the video regarding the micro-ROS part below:

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