micro-ROS at PX4 Developers Summit

Jul 7, 2020

micro-ROS and its middleware, Micro XRCE-DDS, were presented in a webinar held within the framework of the the 2020 PX4 Developer Summit.

The PX4 Developer Summit is a 2-day event in which professionals from all over the world exchange technological insights of the drone sector. With around 50 speakers from companies like NXP, Microsoft, Open Robotics, Auterion, Dronecode and of course PX4, the topics vary from software development to hardware components.

The webinar, with title “Bringing micro-ROS to PX4-based flying systems”, was presented by Jaime Martin, the CEO of eProsima and coordinator of the micro-ROS project, in conjunction with Nuno Marques, founder and lead software engineer of Drone Solutions.

It covered the basic concepts around the micro-RTPS bridge used to integrate PX4 into the DDS world, and the proposal of migrating to a more mature, flexible and secure interface with DDS and ROS 2 based on micro-ROS and its middleware Micro XRCE-DDS.

Find the full presentation below:

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