micro-ROS and FIWARE - Enabling Robotics Systems on Microcontrollers

Sep 24, 2020

On September 23rd, the FIWARE Foundation held a webinar titled “Enabling Robotics Systems on Microcontrollers”, as a part of its series of free webinars about open source platform components for Smart Solutions.

The webinar focused on the interoperability between micro-ROS and FIWARE, made possible by eProsima Integration-Service and its core SOSS. SOSS is a platform that acts as a centralizing bridge to communicate incompatible protocols that speak different languages. Its working principle rests on System-Handles, plugins that put the core into communication with each of the protocols that are meant to be integrated into the platform. Once a system is integrated by means of a dedicated System-Handle, it can speak with any other system that is already integrated into the SOSS world. The SOSS-ROS2 and the SOSS-FIWARE System-Handles serve as key enablers to integrate micro-ROS into the FIWARE ecosystem, a framework of open source platform components which can be assembled together and with other third-party platform components to accelerate the development of Smart Robotics Solutions.

Key contributions of Powered by FIWARE architectures to micro-ROS applications are:

  • Interfacing with the Internet of Things (IoT), Robots and third-party systems, for capturing updates on context information and translating required actuations.
  • Context Data/API management, publication, and monetization, bringing support to usage control and the opportunity to publish and monetize part of managed context data.
  • Processing, analysis, and visualization of context information implementing the expected smart behavior of applications and/or assisting end users in making smart decisions

Find the full presentation below:

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