micro-ROS is a special guest @ BOSCH research blog!

Jan 19, 2021

Last week micro-ROS was dedicated a long and detailed post on a brand new Bosch Research Blog.

Bosch blog Source: Bosch

The post, written by Ralph Lange from Bosch and with title ‘micro-ROS – bringing the most popular robotics middleware onto tiny microcontrollers’, introduces micro-ROS to non-familiar readers and neophytes, and gathers all the relevant information regarding the latest developments and most recent achievements of the project. More specifically, it describes how the advanced execution management is handled by the rclc Executor and how the ROS 2 concepts of runtime lifecycle and system modes have been implemented in micro-ROS to fit microcontrollers. Also, it accounts for the support of FreeRTOS and Zephyr, on the RTOS side, and for ESP32 microcontrollers, on the hardware side, all achieved during last year of development.

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